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Health and Safety at Work

According to the legislation applicable in this area, namely Law 35/2004 of 29 July that regulates the Labour Code and is part of the general legislation on Health and Safety at Work Services, the employer should take the necessary measures to ensure the vigilance of worker’s health, as well as to guarantee appropriate working conditions in terms of hygiene and personal safety. BIOQUAL ensures Health, Hygiene and Safety at Work Services, through a strategic partner. 

Occupational Health

Under the scope of Occupational Health (Laws 99/ 2003 and 35/2004), BIOQUAL recommends Occupational Medicine Consultations for workers to promote and preserve their physical, mental and social well-being, implementing measures that will improve working conditions, prevent the outbreak of disease in the workplace and ensure that the work is in line with the physical and psychological characteristics of the workers.

Occupational health services follow the following methodology:

- Medical examination of workers in accordance with the legislation in force and specific risk factors;
- Definition of the expertise required by the workers to carry out their duties;
-Medical Fitness Certificate (containing information for Human Resources Management); 
- Recommendations regarding Complementary Diagnostic Exams tests (in accordance with exposure to risks), when applicable; 
 - Investigation into the cause of the occupational disease, when applicable;
 - Recommendations on preventive measures against disease and accidents.

Hygiene and Safety at Work

Hygiene and Safety at Work aims to prevent and control the workplace risk factors, in order to safeguard workers’ physical well-being, the company’s facilities, assets and equipment as well as to quantitively and qualitively assess the different risk factors, proposing solutions to eliminate or minimize them.  

Within this scope, the services ensure the implementation of the following activities:
- Hygiene and Safety Auditing of the Company’s facilities, to draw up an inventory of the occupational hazards and recommend the technical measures required to improve working conditions;
- Development of the respective report (Risk Charter), based on the analysis of the data obtained.
- Support the implementation of the corrections to be made.
- Development of the Annual Activities report to be sent to the relevant authorities.