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The objective of every organisation is to continuously satisfy their client’s needs. In order to do this, it needs to implement processes aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality of services and products. The current growing competitiveness between companies has led to an increase in quality standards and the need to manage this within the organisations. 

Therefore, quality is a strategic advantage in the development of organisations, contributing to an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of processes.

Due to current market demands, Quality Management Systems are distinguishing factors of organisations.

Quality allows access to more demanding markets providing companies with worldwide recognition. Currently, among the Quality services it offers, BIOQUAL has various well-known models such as ISO 9001 and more specific models for welfare institutions and the agri-food sectors, for example.  

The services that BIOQUAL provides for its clients in this area are:
- QMS Implementation (NP EN ISO9001:2008) 
- Integrated QM Implementation (ISO9001, ISO140001/EMAS, OHSAS18001, SA8000) 
- Quality Management Systems Auditing 
- Integrated Systems Auditing.