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Ground Beef in School Lunches Meets Stricter Microbial Standards | 2014-12-30

According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report published last week, the ground beef supplied to school lunches contains “significantly less” Salmonella contamination than products sold on the commercial market.


Ebola: European food safety experts to assess risk of bushmeat to EU countries | 2014-10-10

Scientists said risks were low in April but persistent claims that illegally smuggled meat evades controls prompt fresh evaluation


Five Questions About FDA’s Food Safety Challenge | 2014-10-30

Today’s “Five Questions” features Palmer Orlandi, Ph.D., senior science advisor, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine (OFVM). Orlandi’s role within OFVM includes ensuring integration and coordination of Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and Center for Veterinary Medicine research and methods development/validation activities with corresponding FDA field laboratories in support of the agency’s public health and regulatory mission.


Don't wash chicken before cooking it, warns Food Standards Agency | 2014-06-14

Bacteria which are responsible for most food poisoning is spread by splashes and droplets of water caused during cleaning


Washington State Subjects Pot to Microbiological Tests on Day One | 2014-07-09

After just one day of recreational marijuana sales in Washington state, and more than six months in Colorado, the questions that remain are mostly about those pot-infused food products. And, when it comes to food safety, Washington state is off to a safer start than Colorado.