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Tougher fruit may be a reality very soon

The deterioration of fruits and vegetables is one of the main causes of food waste. But what if fresh food did not rot so quickly?

A team of researchers at Tufts University is developing a technology that aims to prevent spoilage of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, which more easily rot because they are natural.

According to The Wall Street Journal, scientists are creating an invisible, biodegradable, silk-based coating (more specifically a protein called fibroin) that will protect fruits and vegetables from temperature changes. The idea is that these foods will survive longer at room temperature, not requiring refrigeration.

But the goal is not only to increase the validity of natural foods, but also to avoid wasting food and help save energy, since food will not need to be in the refrigerator for so long.

The journal reports that researchers dipped strawberries several times in a water-based solution and 1% fibroin and that the fruits lasted for a week at room temperature without rapidly rotting or looking less appealing.


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