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One in five biological products contains chemicals

One in five biological products contains chemicals, warns the largest study in Portugal in this area. At the request of the magazine Visão, a laboratory analyzed 113 products with the biological label and detected in 21 of them prohibited chemicals, says TSF.

It is important to note that, in stores and specialized sections of organic products, the rules are not always fulfilled and many of the foods that are advertised as "natural", "ecological" or "healthy" are not certified with the green label that guarantees Foods do not show traces of chemicals.

The main warning of the study goes to a cabbage with glyphosate levels twelve times above the safety limit, but there are many other products where the presence of pesticides and synthetic chemicals, for example, broccoli, brown rice, sesame seeds, Apples and wine produced in Portugal. Several chemicals have detected more than one chemical.

The study clarifies that the origin of the product is not a guarantee of control, with chemicals being detected both in products imported from within the European Union and abroad. Of the foods analyzed, Portuguese products have higher levels of contamination than the average.

In relation to the inspection of these products, there are eleven companies that certify organic production, having to verify almost four thousand producers in this scope.


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