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Laboratory Analysis

The application of procedures based on HACCP methodology presupposes the execution of analyzes using microbiological criteria as referred to in Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005. 

The BIOQUAL sets for its customers Analytical Control Plan in order to assess levels of contamination of products and the water used in production as well as validate the plans of cleaning. Thus, laboratory results allow to verify and validate the HACCP plan or, where applicable, assess the causes of deviations from the established criteria and implement corrective actions. 

The BIOQUAL performs the collection and analysis of food, water, surfaces, etc. in an accredited laboratory for this purpose. 

The BIOQUAL offers the following areas of analysis: 

- Microbiological Analysis and Physical-Chemical Water 
- Microbiological Analysis and Physical Chemistry of Foods 
- Hygienic-sanitary control 
- Sampling.